Five Minute Friday: Rest

Five Minute Friday
Once again, I am linking up with Lisa-Jo Baker and Five Minute Friday. It’s simple: write for 5 minutes on the word of the week, no editing, no overthinking. It could be the best 5 minutes you spend writing all week. Give it a try! 
There’s something a bit ironic about the fact that I am writing about rest at 10:30 at night, isn’t there? But write I must. The idea of rest is one I think about often. I am tired a lot, and part of that tired is a physical tired, the kind that comes at the end of a long day, but some of it is a different kind of tired altogether, the kind that I can’t solve with a nap. In the quiet moments of the day, what I most want is rest from the crazy thoughts in my head, the voice that tells me I am not good enough or pretty enough or skinny enough, fill-in-the-blank enough. I want rest from the endless ferris wheel of emotions, the doubt and frustration over my eating habits and rest from fighting temptation at every turn. I want rest from feeling inferior to stay-at-home moms, rest from worrying about things that don’t matter, rest from the nagging insecurities I can’t seem to put to bed. So I work and I distract myself and I surf the internet, thinking that if I just stay busy I won’t have to think about all of these things. I won’t have to face the unrest in my soul. But eventually, something, or rather Someone, stops me, and I hear that still small voice whisper to me, “Come to me, you who are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Ah yes, that’s right. His yoke is easy, His burden light. Rest is mine for the taking.
Do you have trouble resting, whether it’s physical rest or spiritual rest?

19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Rest

  1. Oh mylanta…”the endless ferris wheel of emotions”. I love that. brilliant.

    and I so get this. I often nag my hubby for how he can fall asleep and leave me there to stare at the ceiling, begging my thoughts to subside just long enough for a good REM…

    ah, it makes that invite to come to Him all the more inviting. don't you think?

    So thrilled we're neighbors today/tonight over at Lisa-Jo's! Happy Friday to you!!


  2. Erin, I relate to oh, so much of this post. From the comparison, that ferris wheel of emotions, the physical exhaustion that comes from being a mama, and just the spiritual weariness when we try to push through and do things on our own. Love the truth at the end that I need to remind myself of more often!


  3. Ironic indeed! But as one blogger reminded us – rest is so much more than sleep. May we be challenged to breathe slowly….to notice and appreciate the small things that we would usually let pass us by…and find peace. Thanks for writing!


  4. I totally understand that endless rotation of thoughts that just plague and suck the life out of you. I know. Thank you for sharing so openly about it all. I just noticed in your sidebar a Gilmore Girls Quotes post. Love that show and may or may not own all of the seasons and marathon through them at least once a year. So glad to have 'met' you. I think I'll poke around a bit. 😉


  5. beautiful post Erin; and i can so relate. i think satan wants so much to steal from us our “rest”–our peace really. i struggle with thoughts like this–am i doing the right thing, am i in God's will, am i a good mother? memorizing bible verses like the one you quote is one of the only things that can drive out these thoughts for me. praying that God will give you rest and overwhelming peace!


  6. Oh yes Erin..yes! “rest from worrying about things that don't matter, rest from the nagging insecurities I can't seem to put to bed.” Amen to this and so much more. I love it. I love your honesty and words and ability to be REAL. Never stop that, oh please don't ever. It is lovely. You are BEAUTIFUL and this heart of yours only keeps growing the closer to stick to His truth.
    So thankful you stopped by last night that I might come here this morning and see lovely. 🙂


  7. Erin, I love this… it is so true for so many of us… and yet all the while, He is whispering to us to simply come to Him… I found you via Lisa-Jo's (and the Twitter party – for which I was sadly sadly late to last night!) but in reading a bit on your sidebar – girl… we are a LOT in common! Looking forward to getting to know you more… we're in this together!


  8. I love your first comment, “why am I writing late at night about resting when I should be in bed resting?” so many young mom's do the very same thing.
    Your words were good.
    so how did you lose all that weight>? curious.


  9. I love it, Erin! Thank you for sharing your heart! I smiled when I read the humor at the beginning of your post, the irony about writing a post about rest at 10:30 at night…I, too, join the tired ranks and wrote my FMF entry at 11pm. Sometimes we sacrifice sleep for that writing outlet. Keep sharing your words, friend! Your gift is a precious offering and I relate to many of your struggles. You are not alone! ❤


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