Charlotte at 6 Months

Have I really been a mother for half a year already? It hardly seems possible. I think I fall more in love with Charlotte every day. Her personality is really starting to come out now. She is super observant and doesn’t miss a thing. She loves watching people’s faces and is curious about everything around her. She’s not quick to laugh, but when she does laugh she does it with her whole spirit. She smiles with her eyes as well as her mouth. Her daddy can make her laugh more than just about anyone/anything else. Her eyes light up when we pick her up from daycare. She knows we love her and that we are hers, and she is ours.

The fact that God chose her for us and us for her still blows me away. I feel blessed each day I wake up and see her sweet face smiling up at me.

At 6 months, Charlotte:

  • weighs 17 pounds, 11 ounces (almost 11 pounds more than she weighed at birth and between the 75th and 90th percentile!)
  • is 27 inches long (in the 90th percentile)
  • has a head with a 45 cm cicrumfrence (95th percentile-haha. Her head has to be big enough to hold her genius brain.)
  • wears 6-9 month clothes
  • still loves jumping in her Jumperoo
  • grins and squeals and babbles more than ever
  • has outgrown her beloved bouncer (sniff sniff) and has upgraded to this fabulous seat
  • has begun eating oatmeal with true gusto and is going to graduate to veggies this weekend when Mommy has time to make some for her
  • has learned that a bottle contains food and now opens her mouth really wide and wiggles her arms and legs furiously when she sees it
  • still wakes up randomly in the middle of the night but is learning how to put herself back to sleep because her cruel parents are letting her work it out on her own
  • can sit up unassisted for several minutes before toppling forward or backward
  • is known as Char, Char Mar, Squirmy Wormy, Roley Poley, Munchkin, Lil’ Bit
  • has mastered rolling from back to tummy and tummy to back 
  • has two bottom teeth (which arrived on September 4, the very day she turned 6 months old!)
  • is the most wonderful, adorable blessing that we can’t begin to deserve. 

4 thoughts on “Charlotte at 6 Months

  1. What a post..I love that you are treasuring all of these moments. I think of sweet LM and the fact that she was just under 14 pounds at 1 year!!! I didnt realize she was sooo tiny!


  2. She's so sweet! She's just about the same age as the little one I nannied this summer – fun to see how they compare 🙂 (Liam's not sitting up yet very well, but he scoots himself everywhere!)

    Btw, you look great!


  3. Aw great pics. She is precious.

    We're right with you getting our little guy to “work things out” on his own at night. A little difficult but I'm sure it'll be worth it. Are you using a particular method or just going with your instincts? Good luck!


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