My New Love

Yesterday, a magical fairy delivered this to my house:

Okay, so it was actually a delivery man from Dick’s Sporting Goods, but wouldn’t it have been awesome if a magical fairy had delivered it, especially since you know a fair couldn’t lift that thing?! (I do think a magical fairy could have assembled the treadmill faster than the delivery guy.) Anywho, we purchased this little baby using some of our homebuyer credit, and I am so excited! I have wanted a treadmill for a long time, but when we lived in our apartment there wasn’t room for one. Now that we’re in our house, there’s still not really a ton of room for one, but we were able to make space for it in our bedroom (romantic, eh?).

I completed my first workout this morning, and it was great! The treadmill has built-in speakers that allow me to connect my iPod, and so the music plays through the speakers, eliminating the need for headphones! Since I am constantly having problems with keeping my headphones/earbuds in my ears, this is a stellar feature.

Plus, since the treadmill is merely inches from my bed, it is one of the first things I see every day, and the visual reminder will be good for me. I really have no excuse not to get my 4 workouts a week!

I look forward to many more workouts on our new machine. I suggested that we name it, but Stephen said, “We’re having a hard enough time trying to think of a boy name for our child. Do we really want to name something else right now?” Good point, honey, good point. 🙂

3 thoughts on “My New Love

  1. Yay for you!! We bought a used treadmill a few years ago that bit the dust after only about a year…it was so convenient and we really enjoyed having it. We haven't gotten around to replacing it yet, but your post makes me want to head to Dick's!


  2. Congrats on your treadmill. I have one and I love it for all those days when I can’t make it to the gym I just hop on and get to walking. Is your plan to walk 4 days a week throughout your pregnancy? And do you think you’ll do any other type of exercise?


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