The Right to Bare Arms, Part 2

I am proud to announce that on the very day I pledged to you (my readers who have come out of the bloggy woodwork) to wear a sleeveless shirt, I wore a sleeveless shirt! The husband and I went to see the Memphis Redbirds play, and as it was going to be in the 90s, I decided to go for it, since I preferred not to melt into a pool of sweat due to a shirt with sleeves. Turns out I melted into a pool of sweat anyway, but I like to think it would have been worse had I not gone sleeveless.

All in all, the experience was very positive! I confess that the decision to wear the sleeveless shirt was made easier by my hope that there would be few people at the game. After all, it was a game in the middle of the week, during work hours, so how many people would be there? Turns out there are a lot of crazy people who can think of nothing greater than sweating it out in a minor league ballpark in the middle of the afternoon, so there were plenty of people there! However, this caused me only about two seconds of alarm, and then I saw all the food options in front of my eyes and forgot all about it. KIDDING. (Well, sort of. I did partake of some ballpark goodies.) I had a few moments of obsessing over how my arms must look, but after my husband assured me no one was talking about my arms (at least not within hearing distance, anyway), I managed to relax and enjoy the experience. I’m even planning on wearing a sleeveless shirt again tomorrow, and I might just take pictures to document the occasion!

One thing that really helped me was the fabulous Jen’s (aka Prior Fat Girl) comment on yesterday’s post. She pointed out that no one cares whether I wear short sleeves or no sleeves! I can’t remember what anyone I saw today was wearing, so that means it ultimately doesn’t matter because no one cares. NO ONE CARES. I don’t know about you all, but that’s a very freeing thought. Especially for someone who is ALWAYS thinking about what other people think.

So great is my concern for what people think that I am paranoid about wearing the same article of clothing two weeks in a row. Obviously I have to wear the same pants because I do not, nor will I ever, own 14 pairs of pants, but every morning when I’m getting ready to teach I consciously go through my wardrobe and think through what I wore the previous week so I don’t repeat an outfit. I just know that if I did, someone would point it out or judge me for it. (And I will never forget this one time in class when a student asked me if I liked purple because I wore it a lot, so students do notice these things!) Does anyone else do this? Am I completely alone in this practice? Please tell me I am crazy. (On second thought, tell me something I don’t know!)

Now that I’ve conquered the bare arms, my next goal is to forget all about this insane practice of remembering everything I wear and when I wear it because honestly, no one cares! I don’t think I’m going to go so far as to wear the same thing every day or anything like that, but I am going to stop obsessing about repeating outfits and just wear what I want to wear. What a thought! šŸ™‚

Do you have some quirky practice or habit that you want to get rid of? Make a plan of action and start today!

7 thoughts on “The Right to Bare Arms, Part 2

  1. yay, that's awesome! it is so funny how all us girls can get like that, worrying what people think of this shirt or that skirt, etc. i think most people don't notice what you're wearing unless its extremely weird or extremely cute. and redbirds games are so much fun,just reading about it makes me nostalgic for home! i'm glad you had a good time!


  2. May I remind you of Prior Fat Girls Jello upper arms. If you didn't read that posting, you have to ask Jen about that one.

    We as females have something we don't like about ourselves. I think I have fat thighs for that matter when I look down both my legs are fat.I can go on and on what I don't like. It's hard to get pass the “I don't like” to the “I like myself just the way it is”.

    Looking forward to your next posting
    Prior Fat Girls Mom


  3. Oh my mom cracks me up! Yep, I totally bared arms via my blog and showed the wiggly jiggly skin left over after 100lbs lost.

    AND….HOLY CRAP ERIN! I am so excited for you, I totally got goosebumps as I read your post today! Seriously…teary eyed, I am so excited for you! That was a huge step you took and now you can look back and say “no big deal!” Pay it forward, keep encouraging others reading to step outside their comfort zone, tell them they won't die! You and me, now we gotta pay it forward! LOVE YOU!


  4. “No one cares”

    I have a hard time remembering that all the time but it is something that helps get me through a lot of really stressful occasions.

    Great job overcoming your fear! It only takes one step in the right direction to get the ball rolling.

    Me… I don't have a problem with my flabby arms, well sometimes I do. My big issue is my stomach. It took a while but I finally started wearing clothing that fit, rather than table clothes, because the baggy clothes aren't hiding the fact that I'm fat either, so why not feel good.

    Holy long comment batman!

    šŸ™‚ One last thing (:
    Great blog, I just found you today. I think I'll stick around.


  5. OMG, if you were in Memphis you had to wear a sleeveless shirt. Or no shirt at all. Why is it so freakin hot here? But good job on wearing it! I am so proud. šŸ™‚ You are great!

    Oh and let me know next time you are in Memphrica!


  6. Im so awesome that you were able to forget about the fact that you were wearing a sleeveless shirt!

    My clothes are very plain. I tend to wear jeans and plain colored t-shirts. So it all looks about the same! lol.

    I wonder if it is partly a teacher thing that makes you so concious of what you are wearing! One of my good friends is a teacher and she talks about it all of the time!

    Good luck on your quest to be less self concious about your clothes!


  7. I used to care, too about my wardrobe. I wondered if people would remember that I wore that dress last week at church or whatever. Then I realized that in the same way that I am worried about myself, everyone else is just worried about themselves. No one BUT ME is concerned with what I am wearing, because they are concerned about what they are wearing. I think you should wear the same thing two Sundays in a row and see if anyone notices… I bet they won't (I bet Stephen won't, either)


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