Lame Excitement

I am easily excited.  I think this is an excellent quality, but sometimes I suppose my excitement over things like school supplies just comes across as weird.  This year at school I have my own office.  My very own office space!  And my door even has one of those dry-erase boards on it, so people can write notes on it!  (I’m sure my students will all be stopping by just to write “What’s up?” on my door.)  I shared an office last year, and while my office mate was great, it was sometimes difficult sharing a computer and phone and office space, especially if we both had students in the office at the same time (as I often did because I’m so incredibly popular.  Ha.).  So I was really excited to see my name on the door, by itself!  (The fact that I have a nameplate was at one point a source of extreme excitement in and of itself.)  

The downside to all of this is the fact that my office is now in the engineering department.  (My old office now belongs to the new English department chair, as it was the only office available in the department.)  I have nothing against engineering, but I don’t really know any of the people, and it will be weird to be completely detached from the rest of the English department.  I also have no phone or computer right now, but I’m told that will be remedied.  All in all, I think I will enjoy having my own office, and who knows? Maybe I’ll pick up some engineering knowledge and change career paths.  I’m sure engineering is much more lucrative. 

3 thoughts on “Lame Excitement

  1. whoa, that is So not Lame excitement! your own office! that’s awesome!!i have a question for you…so you have your MA in literature, was it difficult for you to find a teaching job with that? i’m wanting after i get my MFA to get an MA in lit to be more well rounded, and i’m hoping that i’d be able to teach with an MFA and MA, because i’d like to take a year off after earning two degrees before tackling the phd. i’m totally ok with teaching at community colleges or whatnot, but i am really hoping to teach after two degrees, but i can’t predict if i’ll have books out by then (though that would be preferrable!)ok i’ve gotten rambly.. i guess the core of the question is how did you go about getting a job with your degree and was it difficult?


  2. no actually i find that sort of encouraging–most people i’ve talked to told me i shouldn’t even Think about being able to get a professor job until i have books out. and i’d love to have books out fast, but that’s just not a predictable or likely thing!


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