Things that Make Me Uncomfortable

This entry inspired by the first item on the list:

1. People attempting to have a conversation with me while we are in the bathroom. In separate stalls. This happened to me earlier in the week, and I’m not sure why, but I just feel very awkward talking while I’m answering nature’s call. Can’t the conversation wait until we are washing our hands? Or better yet, out of the bathroom?

2. A room full of people I don’t know. I am an introvert, so therefore large group gatherings full of people I don’t know have the potential for causing me to break out in hives.

3. Making small talk with someone I just met. This is related to #2 in that #3 often occurs while in a room full of people I don’t know. I hate trying to think of things to say, and inevitably weather comes up. Why is weather such a universally-agreed-upon topic of conversation? I suppose it’s probably one of the only things that can’t offend anyone, unless you were to say, “Oh, you’re from Florida? I hear they have terrible weather there. All those hurricanes and stuff. Only nuts must live there.”

4. Standing ovations in church. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with recognizing people for acts of service, but I just feel like if we’re going to be standing up and applauding, shouldn’t it be for Jesus and not anyone else?

5. Feeling obligated to stand up during a standing ovation. A few times I have remained seated during a standing O, but I usually guiltily rise with everyone else b/c I don’t want people to notice me not standing and think I’m a terrible person who doesn’t care about really good choir solos (or even not so good ones)..

6. Long silences. This will happen sometimes when I’m teaching. I’ll ask a question, and instead of a response all I get are blank faces. It must be because my questions are so thought-provoking and mind-boggling that they need time to collect their faults. Right? (Either that or they didn’t do the reading. But of course they did the reading.) I try to resist answering just to fill in the silence, but if it goes on too long, I just answer my own question.

7. Confrontations / conflict. I am a big wuss. I want everyone to be happy with me at all times. And they are. Except when maybe they’re not. I don’t like for people to be upset with me, so I’ll usually avoid conflict at all costs. I’m aware that this is not healthy, and I work on it (sometimes), but for now it’s still something I find very difficult.

8. Making phone calls to people I don’t know. This one is definitely revealing my unique quirkiness, but I have this phobia of calling people I don’t know or don’t see often. I hate making appointments for things like the eye doctor, the dentist, etc. I remember when I was in high school and my mom would ask me to make appointments for these things, and I would beg her to do it instead. And she usually would, until she finally put her foot down and insisted I make my own appointments. Can you believe that? I also hate ordering pizza on the phone. I don’t do it; Stephen does. Or he used to, until we began using online ordering.

I was hoping to have a list of 10 things just because that seems like a nice number, but I suppose it’s good that I could only think of 8. Perhaps more will come to mind later.

What makes you uncomfortable?

6 thoughts on “Things that Make Me Uncomfortable

  1. ALL OF these, I think you were reading my mind. I dont like the spotlight. I dont like conversations where I start talking about myself. Im not good and sharing feelings so openly.I agree to all of yours!s


  2. Those are great ones…if you can say those are great things…hmmm..I think one of mine would be when someone starts talking about how they hate something or dont like someone(political times is always a good one for this) and I know there is someone in the room that disagrees…I get uncomfortable with that…but mostly I just want to see them talk it out…that is where we differ on the confrontation….I have found that it might sting at first but its so worth it in the end….I also get uncomfortable being the one someone is clapping for…I would rather you not:)You know this happens on a regular basis…I walk in to work…clapping starts:)


  3. Standing ovation in church following a baptism is okay in my book.I’m sorry, but everything in my heart wants to scream an yell for the decision that person just made. I figure the angels are doing it.


  4. I found your blog from Jens ( Sparkpeople). You are doing a wonderful job on your weight loss journey. CONGRADS! I had to comment on your conversations in the restroom… too funny! I had to laugh out loud. That is totally uncomfortable. Nice to meet you! Come visit my garden sometime.


  5. I couldn’t agree with you more on number one, however, my sister and I are somewhat guilty of this on occasion..sometimes conversations are just too good to stop, lol! What I don’t understand, is when people answer their cell phones while in the restroom! Now who in the world on the other end wants to hear your business, and everyone else’s business too!


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