Today I finally got the response about my engagement to Stephen that I’d been anticipating: “Wow, four months? Are you sure about this?” However, it was from a girl in the department who doesn’t know me all that well and didn’t know I was dating anyone, so I really didn’t mind it. I just told her that yes, I was sure, and that when it’s right, it’s right. And it is. I expected more people to have similar reactions, but on the contrary, most say things like, “I’m so happy for you!” or “That’s so romantic!” or “I didn’t even know you were dating anyone!” or “I need to join MySpace!” (That last one was my favorite.) Granted, they could all be saying something different to each other, like, “Is she crazy?!” I have to say, I’ll be sad when there aren’t any more people to tell. It’s so fun to be giddy all the time, but I suppose if I were this giddy for the next ten or so months I’d become slightly unbearable to be around. Perhaps a little “deflation” is good for everyone.

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