Down to Earth

EDIT: I got a signal! And I have class rosters! I can’t wait to meet my students on August 23!

I’m back in Knoxville, and that means no more Stephen. It’s especially sad tonight because it’s storming, and apparently the cell phone towers aren’t working because I have no signal (my Internet works fine, though, so we’re chatting). We have talked on the phone every day for months, and today we can’t. I know it’s trivial, but it’s all we have. Waaaaah.

I had a ridiculous amount of mail waiting for me. It would have been fun to open, if 98% of it weren’t just boring bills. Oh well.

Monday begins orientation week at UT. I’m excited about meeting all of the incoming MA’s, and I’m glad I’m no longer one of them. It’s nice to know the ropes and not have to be wondering what’s going on all the time. I hope I can help make them all feel welcome. (And I hope I can finish my syllabus before classes start! Ugh.)

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