Haikus for You…

Since yesterday’s haikus were such a hit, I thought I’d write some more.  It’s nothing but fun, and it’s a great way to distract myself from the work I’m supposed to be doing in the library right now.  Boo for boring spring breaks!

My eyes are blurry
from reading all the small print.
I long for the beach.

Today is warmer.
Still, the sun plays hide and seek.
How I want to play!

Flip-flops make me smile;
Too bad my feet are ugly.
But I’m hot anyway.  :happy:

Have a haiku-rific day!

EDIT:  Apparently, not everyone was instructed on the art of the haiku in the fourth grade like I was.  If you’d like to learn more about the haiku, here’s a brief explanation.  (Clicking on the links along the side of the page will enlighten you further. Also, evidently the Japanese are the only ones who are stringent about the number of syllables in each line, but I like having a set number.)  After you’ve read it, come back and post your own haiku!

EDIT 2: Wow, volunteering really does pay off!

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