Hello friends! I’m writing you from this completely deserted but totally cool cafe with wireless internet. Diana and I were both suffering internet withdrawals, so we had to make a stop. 🙂 And let me just tell you all how incredibly amazing the Jason Mraz concert was. That boy is so talented. If any of you are even remotely fond of Jason Mraz, you simply must see him in concert. Sometimes live perfomrances are risky because not all artists are good live performers or they are really boring because they don’t know how to be entertaining, but Jason Mraz is both a good performer and a good entertainer. Actually, he’s the BEST. He didn’t even sing my favorite songs (“Life is Wonderful,” “Absolutely Zero,” or “Plane”), but he did all of the songs he did sing so well that it was hard to get upset about it. He is just the goofiest, funniest, cutest, bestest singer. I could go on and on all day. (And for those of you who know his newest album, he sang “Mr. Curiosity,” and his little operatic performance at the end of that song is even better than on the CD. He just kept going and going, and I was just a-swoonin’.) So yeah, all of you should be sad you missed it. I’m sad it is over. I would go see him again tomorrow if I could.

Narnia was good, but I feel like it should have its own post, so you’ll just have to wait to hear my review. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, peeps!

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