La de da

Xanga is so quiet these days! Here’s a survey, since no one’s really reading this anyway.

A is for age:
24, but I’ll be 25 in 16 days!! Presents will be accepted (I take checks or money orders or cold hard cash).

B is for beer of choice:
I choose not to drink beer. Gross.

C is for career right now?
Composition instructor

D is for your dog’s name?

E is for essential item you use everyday:

F is for favorite TV show at the moment:
It’s a toss-up between Grey’s Anatomy, LOST, and Gilmore Girls.

G is for favorite board game?
LIFE. I know it’s cheesy, but I just love it for some reason.

H is for home town:
Bartlett, TN

I is for instruments you’ve played/play:
Guitar, once upon a time.

J is favorite juice:
Orange, although I’m on quite an apple juice kick recently.

K is for whose ass you’d like to kick:
This is rather violent, isn’t it? But I’d like to kick the Palladino’s collective ass for leaving Gilmore Girls.

L is for last restaurant you ate at:
Wasabi, I think. It’s been a while.

M is for would you marry someone now:
Heck yes! Colin Firth! (Just kidding, Stephen!)

N is for your full name:
Erin Nicole Hetzel, soon to be Erin Nicole Hetzel Mount (yay!!)

O is for overnight hospital stays:
When I was four I had surgery on my bladder or something. (I don’t really remember the specifics; all I remember is having to get all my hair cut off for some reason.)

P is for people you were with today:
Not many, just the few students who dropped by to talk about their presentations.

Q is for quote:
“Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds.” Shakespeare

R is for biggest regret:
Not getting certified to teach high school English.

S is for status:
Status of what?

T is for time you woke up today:

U is for the color of underwear you are wearing right now:
Who cares??

V is for vegetables you love:
Corn, potatoes, broccoli

W is for worst habit:
Picking at my nails or my lips.

X is for xrays you’ve had:
Just teeth, I think.

Y is for yummy food you ate today:
Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies (they’re the best kind!)

Z is for zodiac sign:

Lost: Imagination

Is anyone else completely perplexed by what’s happening on LOST? Exactly who ARE the Others?
(I put a version of the rest of this entry on MySpace a few days ago, so it might be a duplicate for some of you.)
I bought The Little Mermaid the other day, and I can’t wait to watch it. This movie was an integral part of my childhood. I remember saving up my allowance for a month so I could buy this set of Little Mermaid dishes. I had a Little Mermaid doll, complete with removable fins, and I would reenact the whole movie with Ariel and Ken as the stand-in for Prince Eric. My little tape player almost died because I played the soundtrack so many times, and I sang every song from the movie straight through more than a few times. When I would go to my friend Heather’s house to swim, we would pretend we were mermaids, and I can’t even count the times that we would burst out of the water and flip our hair back, imagining the red tresses floating gently down onto our necks and backs. We were marine royalty, and it showed.

I’ve been thinking recently about imagination and creativity, and how it seems to die as I get older. My entire childhood was spent in a land of make-believe, and yet now I can’t even write a decent short story. When did I lose the magic? When did the real world encroach upon my fantasy land? How do I make the magic come back? I hope when I have kids that I can be the parent who encourages them to visit faraway lands and make up fabulous tales of adventure and mystery and that I will be okay with them building a fort in the living room or jumping on all the furniture because if they touch the ground the crocodile will get them. I want to do this for them because I want to keep the magic alive. I want to do this for them because in so doing it I can become a kid again myself.

Gilmore Girls Review

EDIT: I just bought The Little Mermaid! I’m sooo excited. I don’t know how many years it’s been since I last saw it, but I still know the words to almost all the songs. And why is it almost 80 degrees in October? It’s fall! I want to wear sweaters, dang it!


Logan and Rory interactions were super cute in this episode. Logan gave Rory a rocket, and at first Rory was completely perplexed as to what it meant, but then she remembered the Twilight Zone episode they watched on their first date. I don’t really remember all the details about the episode, but Rory decides the rocket symbolizes true love. Rory wants to go to London for the summer to be with Logan, but when she calls him he tells her he bought her a ticket for Christmas. This crushes Rory, but she doesn’t say anything, so that serves her right.

Sookie and Michel arm wrestled, and of course Sookie whipped Michel’s butt. It was very cute.

Lorelai and Rory attempted sports as a way to get their minds off their respective boy troubles, and Lorelai gives herself a black eye. Their “no talking” rule lasts about two seconds, and the scene with them in the racquetball court is precious. It seemed like the Rory and Lorelai of seasons gone by.


Luke and Lorelai are over. Waaaa. Although it pains me to admit it, they need to be broken up so they can both do a little growing and maturing. They also need to learn how to communicate! Lorelai gave this very heartfelt and moving explanation to Sookie about why she couldn’t wait for Luke anymore, and if she had just told LUKE that, it could have saved a lot of heartache.

Taylor decides to install a red-light camera in Stars Hollow, and Kirk tests it out in Taylor’s Thunderbird, which he proceeds to crash into the front of Luke’s Diner. I was not a fan of this at all. It was over the top and completely absurd, and Taylor gets on my last nerve.

Luke comes to Lorelai’s house at the end of the episode, having realized the error of his ways, and says he’s ready to elope now. Too little, too late, Luke. Lorelai, perhaps in order to shut him up (as he talked more in this scene than in any other), tells him she slept with Christopher. This stunning blow does indeed shut him up, and Luke turns around and leaves, and fade to credits. Scott Patterson did an excellent job in this scene, and it was really heartbreaking.

I’m concerned about the direction of this season. Last season was my least favorite, and I would love it if this one were a huge improvement, but I just don’t know. I suppose time will tell. Tonight’s episode should be interesting at least.


I have been missing Stephen today (which is nothing especially new, since I miss him whenever I’m not with him, and I’m not with him way too much), and I thought how strange it is that he wasn’t even a part of my life six months ago, and now I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him.

My intent in writing this isn’t to make you gag at my cheesiness, but to pose a question. When Jesus was here on earth– the Son of Man, God made flesh–did He miss God? Did God miss Him? I know they are the same being, but they are also separate, and I suppose this is where the mystery of the Trinity applies. Of course, if Jesus was in constant communion with God while on the earth, then I don’t guess He had much reason to miss Him, so perhaps this whole line of thought is preposterous. I just thought how sad it must have been for God to send away His Son to live with a people who would reject Him and ultimately murder Him. As much as I hate to leave Stephen whenever we have to part, I imagine the ache that Jesus felt was paramount, and probably coupled with a great deal of compassion and longing to go to these people who so desperately need Him. How torn he must have been, and yet he went willingly to the slaughter.

I don’t think this post makes any sense, but I know that I can empathize with Paul when he writes in Romans 11:33, “Oh the depth of the riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God! How unsearchable his judgments, and his paths beyond tracing out!” Let us drink in the mystery of Him.