"Is it 5:00 yet?" Office Questionnaire

Stolen from Renee. I thought this was kind of fun and didn’t require much thought from, haha.

What is your must-have office snack? I’m all about snacks at work, so I have a variety: grapes, clementines, yogurt, Chex mix, FiberPlus bars.

How many cups of coffee do you drink every morning? I don’t drink coffee. I spend most of the day refilling my water bottle. (And then making trips to the bathroom).

Caf or decaf? Right now, it would be decaf since I’m pregnant.

What’s your favorite lunch spot when eating out? I hardly ever eat out for lunch (there are people I work with who eat out every day, and I don’t know how they afford it!). When I do eat out, it’s Subway or Chic-fil-a most of the time.

What’s your favorite outfit to wear to the office? A skirt with a comfy top and flats or sandals. Once upon a time I HATED skirts, but now I love them!

Do you keep a sweater at work at all times? Yes, a sweater is a must at my office, and I wear mine almost every day.

Whose style do you most admire at work and why? There’s a legal assistant who works on the other side of the building that has the most posh, sophisticated style. I envy her outfits pretty much every day.

Do you go with reusable or paper/plastic for your lunch sack? When I bring my lunch I usually bring it in a WalMart plastic bag. Fancy, huh?

Do you listen to music at work? Just the music that comes out of the office speakers. I am so sick of the station because they play the same songs every day, multiple times a day.

What’s your desk décor like? In a word: boring. I don’t really have anything personal on my desk besides a desk calendar with word puzzles and a pen cup that I got from Kenya (and which I doubt was actually fashioned to be a pen cup, but that is how I use it).

If you also work in an office, fill it out and then let me know that you did!

Pregnancy Is Messing with My Mind

Pregnancy has made me more scatterbrained and clumsy. I don’t know if it’s some legitimate symptom of pregnancy or just the fact that I am distracted with thoughts of Baby Mount, but I find myself bumping into things, forgetting things, and confusing things. I also do not think things through as thoroughly as I should at times.

Case in point:

Last night I decided I would go for a 30-minute walk around our neighborhood loop. It was relatively pleasant outside compared to some of the other nights we’ve had, and I was just itching for some exercise, so off I went. When I walked out the door, my watch said 7:40. Great, I thought, at 8:20 I’ll have my 30 minutes in.

Does anyone else see the problem with that math? I didn’t, until around 8:15. Then I realized that in fact my planned 30 minute walk was a 40 minute walk. By that time, I had already started my third loop around and so I just finished that loop and ended up walking 45 minutes instead of 30! I even jogged for 12 minutes, too!

I suppose in this case, my scatterbrainedness (look, I made up a word!) had a positive outcome in that I got more exercise than I intended. Let’s hope that trend continues. 🙂

In Which I Blog About Hair

Yes, that’s right. My blog has reached a new level of shallowness.

But friends, I am in a hair rut, and I need your help.

Currently, my hair is the longest it’s ever been, but it doesn’t really look great. See?

I don’t really know what to do with it, and a lot of the time it ends up in a ponytail, which is less than glamorous. I definitely need a change, but I am not sure what kind of change I need.


No bangs?

Super short hair?

Chin-length hair?

Flipped out hair?

Longer hair with more layers?

(I have no picture for this scenario)

Help me out! Be brutal, if you must! I need a hair makeover pronto!