Post-its: A Tribute

Stephen and I made a trip to Office Max yesterday, and he received a firsthand glimpse into my fixation on office supplies. Seeing those rows of pens, those stacks of notebooks, those beautiful Post-its, and those wonderful storage containers gives me joy I can only call weird but persistent. While in the store I was trying to decide which office supply would be my favorite, and I’ve come up with my top 5 must-have office supplies that are both fun and functional–all that the perfect office supply should be.

5. A white-out pen (Not only can you correct errors, you can use it to label things!)
4. Paper clips (The multi-colored ones are the most fun)
3. A stapler (hearing that “click” as staple meets paper is oddly satisfying)
2. A good gel pen (I love the Pilot G-2)
1. Post-its (My mother-in-law gave me Post-its and gel pens last Christmas, thereby solidifying her place forever in my heart.)

In honor of my number one office supply, the Post-it, I offer this poetic tribute:

O delightfully sticky pad of goodness,
how I revel in your many hues,
adore your reliable adhesive power
and your willingness to travel
from office to home, from planner to wall.
O Post-it, thou shelter of memory,
forever may my desk be graced by your presence.