Post-its: A Tribute

Stephen and I made a trip to Office Max yesterday, and he received a firsthand glimpse into my fixation on office supplies. Seeing those rows of pens, those stacks of notebooks, those beautiful Post-its, and those wonderful storage containers gives me joy I can only call weird but persistent. While in the store I was trying to decide which office supply would be my favorite, and I’ve come up with my top 5 must-have office supplies that are both fun and functional–all that the perfect office supply should be.

5. A white-out pen (Not only can you correct errors, you can use it to label things!)
4. Paper clips (The multi-colored ones are the most fun)
3. A stapler (hearing that “click” as staple meets paper is oddly satisfying)
2. A good gel pen (I love the Pilot G-2)
1. Post-its (My mother-in-law gave me Post-its and gel pens last Christmas, thereby solidifying her place forever in my heart.)

In honor of my number one office supply, the Post-it, I offer this poetic tribute:

O delightfully sticky pad of goodness,
how I revel in your many hues,
adore your reliable adhesive power
and your willingness to travel
from office to home, from planner to wall.
O Post-it, thou shelter of memory,
forever may my desk be graced by your presence.

Honeymoon or Harry Potter?

There’s a couple in Oregon getting married on Friday, and the groom arranged for them to head straight to Barnes & Noble after their reception, where they will be given the first spot in line to receive the new Harry Potter (why do I type “Pooter” every time?). That’s very sweet and everything, but seriously? Reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on the honeymoon? On the wedding night, no less? Sounds like mixed priorities, if you ask me. (Of course, I’m just glad Stephen and I got married June 2 so I wouldn’t have to choose between honeymoon lovin’ and Harry Potter. Not as if that would be a tough decision or anything.) I love you, honey! 🙂