One Week Post-Op

I thought I’d provide an update on my recovery since I’m now a week out from my surgery to repair a torn labrum and shave down bone on my right hip. Overall, I think my recovery is going really well. The first few days were rough, as I was very sore, but each day has gotten better, and the stiffness I felt initially has improved. I even managed to go on my first outing on Monday, just 4 days post-op. I was feeling pretty stir-crazy, so my parents and I decided to try and go to Walmart. We found a motorized cart for me to use, so I puttered around the store while we got the things on our list. One of the things we got was a backpack purse for me to use to tote things around. I didn’t think I’d need this, but it turns out not being able to carry anything while using crutches is super annoying, and this allows me to at least carry my phone and Kindle and small things like that from my bedroom to the living room, and vice versa. And if I go back to work while still on crutches, I will definitely need this!

The outing went well, but I ended up feeling really tired after that and the next day also. I also saw an increase in my pain on Tuesday and Wednesday, so I made sure to take it easy and to take my pain medication if needed. I’m trying not to take it every four hours but only when I really need it. I do end up taking it every night before bed, in the hopes that it will help me sleep, but sleeping has been really difficult. I have yet to find the perfect comfortable position and wake up multiple times during the night. I’m not used to sleeping solely on my back, and I’ve ended up waking up around 4 a.m. every morning for an extended period of time before falling back asleep. I’m hoping the sleeping will get better with time, and I’m grateful for the chance to take naps whenever I want right now!

The hardest part of the recovery, aside from the dumb crutches, is feeling completely helpless. I can’t prepare my own meals or carry anything. I even need help to put on my pants and socks! It’s been very humbling. I felt really bad having to rely on my parents’ help so much while they were here, and now Stephen is my primary caretaker until his parents come Sunday evening. Still, while it is hard not to be able to do basic things for myself, I am so thankful to have people in my life to care for me and to do it gladly because they love me.

I’m really pleased with how recovery is going so far, as it has been much better than I ever expected! I hope the rest of the recovery goes this smoothly!


Flowers from sweet friends!

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