Weigh-In Wednesday: Weekend Derailment

Last weigh-in (2 weeks ago): 200.2
This week’s weight: 201.4
GAIN of 1.2 pounds

Well, given the fact that last week was not a shining moment for me, I don’t know why I was surprised, but I was. I weighed myself on August 1, and I was 201.6. I wasn’t happy with that, but I knew I would get myself in gear and thought I could at least lose a little bit before today. I rocked the running and did another 4 miles on Saturday, along with a 3 mile walk and 2 other runs. I felt proud and strong.

If I am honest with myself, however, I know what did me in–the weekend. For some reason, my brain just shuts off on the weekend and I am not nearly as careful with tracking. I didn’t track a bite of food on Sunday, and I know I ate way too much.

If I am ever going to lose this weight, I have to be more diligent on the weekends. So my one goal for this week is to track every bite I eat. Knowing I am going to track it makes me more accountable, so I am hoping that will make me think twice about overeating.

I would LOVE to be in the 190s next week. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…

2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday: Weekend Derailment

  1. Girl! The weekend is killer. Go read over my “Weekend Fail” post I did Monday. That can only make you feel better.
    We got this. We can do this.
    I read an article recently that said it’s silly to treat the weekend any different than the week. It’s better to eat just the same as you do during the work week, with prepared snacks and such.
    Same ole “duh” info, yet it hit differently. Funny how that happens sometimes.
    You are rocking the running. Great job!
    We will conquer the weekends. We can redefine the term “weekend warrior.” Lol. đŸ˜‰


    • I know, I have read that same thing about not treating the weekend any differently, and I still keep doing it! I think it’s because I get out of the weekday work routine and feel like I’m on a mini-vacation. But really, why take a vacation from good health??

      On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 7:40 AM, One Honest Mess wrote:


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