There’s Coming a Day

I had a really long work day yesterday, which involved driving 5 hours round trip, and on the way back I was exhausted. I had a lot of time to enjoy solitude and to think about things and enjoy some good music. I was listening to Natalie Grant’s album Hurricane, and the last song on the album, “In the End,” which has been one of my favorites since I first heard it, jumped out at me anew. I found myself playing it on repeat and praising God for the promise of life with Him forever in heaven. Life is hard and tiring sometimes, but what a joy to know that for believers in Christ, there’s coming a day He will wipe all the tears away, take away our pain, and welcome us with open arms.  As the song says, “This life is just a moment, but our forever is sealed.” Amen. Enjoy and be encouraged by this song today.


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