I’m Going Streaking

Okay, suggestive title aside, I will not be running around naked anytime soon. I will, however, be embarking on a 30 day challenge, or streak, if you will. Over the next 30 days, my goal is to do 3 things:

  1. Exercise a minimum of 10 minutes each day. I’ll write more about this particular goal in another post.
  2. Drink NO soda. I have become addicted, and it’s not pretty.
  3. Avoid sweets except for on the weekends. I could go cold turkey, but I like sweets. Just keepin’ it real.

I am hoping to stick to these habits beyond 30 days, but I’m starting with that. After 30 days, I will evaluate and see if I want to add or change any goals.

Now I want to know: who’s with me? Is there a habit you’ve been wanting to implement, a goal you want to work toward? If there are enough people interested, I would love to start a private group on Facebook where we could all encourage each other. I did something similar 2 years ago and loved it. I am starting my streak tomorrow (Monday), but you could start whenever you want and jump right in! If you’re interested, just post a comment and leave me your email address!


12 thoughts on “I’m Going Streaking

  1. Those are some great goals, and I bet you are going to feel AMAZING after you complete the 30 days!

    I’m doing something similar…trying to eat a fully paleo diet for all of 2014…today is day 19!

    Good luck on your streak!


  2. I love this!! I’ve been tryin to workout everyday, but life is so busy! Sometimes 20 minutes of easy yoga is all I can handle between class, work, homework, and social obligations. I also have a TOTAL sweets addiction. I’m trying to ration out my Christmas chocolate to be sure I have some for every day in the foreseeable future…how awful is that?


  3. I would love to get in on this! I have become one with my love for diet coke, and my sweet tooth is unforgivable. I need to get them under control so I can feel better and healthier!


  4. Yes! I need on this bandwagon too! The transition to sitting at a desk all day has not been good on my physical activity levels. I want to join you on the 10 mins a day!


  5. i love the new blog! So pretty, and a great name!

    i’ve been trying to give up soda too. i’m a caffeine addict, so i think cutting soda out will help some with that.


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  7. Is a great idea to make a 30 day commitment to yourself for this. I’ve started a bit lower with working every 2 days for 30 min. Never realized how out of shape I was till I tried cardio. HRM shoed my heart beating at 160 and I felt like I was going to die. Fat men aren’t meant to move like that. G’luck on your journey and I’ll be glad to read up on your progress with it.


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