Day 25: Taking a Shot at Health

(Yes, I skipped days 23 and 24. Yes, I know I’m lame.)

Today I am thankful for something that I never thought would be a part of my life: a weekly injection. Humira, which is an injectable drug, has been my companion for going on a year (I can’t even believe that). While it took a really long time to work, it does finally seem to be working, and I am so thankful for how it has given me back my health.

I hate having to give myself a shot once a week because it hurts every time, but if that is what it takes to feel better, then that is what I will do. My doctor told me at my last checkup that I could go back to taking the Humira every other week, which is the typical dosage. I haven’t done that yet though, mainly because I am afraid of what will happen if I do. Because it did take so long for me to feel good, I am hesitant to change anything.

The first time I had to get the shot, I went to my doctor’s office so the nurse could train me. The first dose is a “loading dose,” so I had to do 4 shots that time, and I remember crying my eyes out because it hurt so much and because I couldn’t believe this would be my life now. When I reflect on that time now, I am encouraged because God has brought me a long way and what once was so traumatic has become routine.

I don’t know how long Humira will work, but I will be grateful for it as long as it does.

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