Days 19 and 20

Yesterday I was thankful for this:

Sunset near Jackson downtown post office

 Even though I don’t love the fact that it gets dark earlier in the winter, I do love getting to see the sunset every day as I drive home from work. It is such a lovely way to conclude the work day.

Today, I am thankful for this:

Oh, you know, just wearing a coat indoors.

For the longest time, Charlotte refused to smile in pictures. In fact, in some she downright grimaced. There is a family picture that we took with my immediate family last year that cracks me up every time I look at it because Charlotte has an almost murderous look on her face. The only time we managed to capture a smile is if she didn’t know we were taking her picture. Now, however, she loves to cheese it up for the camera, and while the smile above is not her genuine smile, I love the way her little face scrunches up.  Every time I see her smile, I smile too. How can you resist that face?

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