Day 2: Make a Joyful Noise

Today I spent about 5 hours practicing with my church’s choir for our Christmas program, and I don’t think I could have enjoyed myself more. We are doing selections from Handel’s Messiah this year, and I am looking forward to it immensely.  Before this year, I was only familiar with 2 of the songs, so it has been a tremendous learning experience for me. It also doesn’t hurt that we have a fantastic choir director.

I have loved singing since I was a little girl and have been a part of choirs since elementary school. There is something about music that speaks deeply to my heart, as I know it does so many others, and the fact that I also have the chance to sing the songs that have so moved me is such a gift. I am thankful for the ability to sing, and though I am not the best singer, I sing with my whole heart and like to think of it as a small offering to the One who gave me my voice.

Here is one of the songs that we are singing, entitled “And the Glory of the Lord.” Obviously we will sound just like this recording. Ha! 🙂

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