30 Days of Gratitude

Those of you on Facebook have probably seen the trend of the past few years that involves stating one thing you are thankful for each day in November. I have never participated, but this year I felt drawn to the idea of deliberately looking for something to be thankful for each day. However, I have decided to post my daily “thanksgiving” on my blog, so I can be more verbose than a Facebook status post usually allows.

Today I am thankful for the beauty of nature. I was especially struck by the vibrant reds, golds, and oranges of autumn as I drove to work this morning. I took a moment to thank God for the beauty He places all around us, the beauty I get to enjoy in the midst of the monotonous, routine drive I make every day. The wind had the leaves on the trees practically dancing and clapping, as if in praise to their Creator, and I thought of the day when we will all bow before Him and worship. What a day that will be.

What are you thankful for?

A picture from our recent trip to Natchez Trace State Park

One thought on “30 Days of Gratitude

  1. i'm thankful for that too–i was thinking about that yesterday when i was out with zuzu playing in the yard and the sun was coming through the turning fall leaves, so beautiful.


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