An Interview with Charlotte

I know I win the prize for lamest blogger ever, but how about a cute video of my kid? We “interviewed” her a few weeks ago, and here is the result:

 A few notes:
1. When she says her full name, it sounds like she’s saying “Sorry Mount.” Love it. 
2. I promise I didn’t tell her to pick purple as her favorite color.
3. We filmed this video while she was eating dinner because then she can’t go anywhere. 🙂 Hence, the pretzels (which she was dipping in ketchup).
4. I filmed this with my iPhone, thus the tiny screen width.
5. Hearing her sing “Jesus Loves Me” melts my heart. Man, she is so cute. I know, I’m biased. 🙂

I am going to try to do these little interviews every so often so we can see how her answers change as she gets older. I can’t believe she is already 2.5 years old!

3 thoughts on “An Interview with Charlotte

  1. this is so adorable! she has such a sweet little voice. zu's favorite color is purple too. i wish we lived in the same town, I bet our girls would love playing together!


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