On the Mend

Well, hello there.

I’ll be honest: I hadn’t planned on coming back to this blog. Sometime after my last post I decided I was weary of blogging and thought I would stop blogging and just focus on enjoying life and getting better, without having to worry about what my next post would be about. The time away has been good. I haven’t thought much about the blog (and I am sure you haven’t either), but I have started to miss it. I have started to think about posts in my head, have started planning what I might say. So I’m coming back, somewhat tentatively. And of course this isn’t the first time I’ve stepped away only to return later, so I’m sure no one is surprised by any of this.

The good news (and I mean really fantastic, wonderful, awesome news) is that I am finally starting to feel better! I went to see a GI at Vanderbilt back in June (after waiting 2 months for the appointment), and while there I got some dietary recommendations and some treatment recommendations. I have been limiting my dairy intake and also limiting my fiber intake, and while both have required some pretty significant mental and logistical adjustments, the changes seem to be helping. I have not completely eliminated all dairy, but I am not having it with every meal like I used to, nor am I even having dairy every day. I REALLY miss ice cream, but if my body can heal better without ice cream, then so be it. The doctor also recommended that I get another colonoscopy (so we could have a better idea of the current state of my colon) and then make some medication changes. It took several weeks to actually get the colonoscopy scheduled, so it was July 18 before that happened. All the trips I had to take to the bathroom on the day that I had to do the prep had me flashing back to late October/early November when I was at my sickest. It made me realize how far I really have come since then, and I am SO thankful.

After the colonoscopy, my doctor said that my colon looks a lot better than it did previously. Whereas before he would have categorized my disease as moderate-to-severe, now it is only mild. And THEN, when I got the results of the biopsies that he took, I found out that the biopsies showed no evidence of active disease! Remission, here I come! Because of the progress I have made, for now I am sticking with the Humira (and those dreaded weekly shots) and adding in one other medication, Imuran.

The one nagging problem I have is fatigue. I am tired all.the.time. I can sleep for eight hours and yet feel like I could take a nap at any given time (and on the weekends I almost always do). Some days I feel as though it is a monumental chore just to drag my body through the day. I am very deficient in iron, vitamin D, and B-12, so I think all of that plays into the fatigue issue, and I hope that the supplementation I am doing will help.

All in all, my health is definitely improving, and I am beyond grateful. I wouldn’t trade the experience I’ve had because of how much the Lord has taught me in the process, but I am also very excited to be feeling closer to normal (as normal as I can be, haha).

Recent family pic. Of course Char isn’t looking at the camera.

If anyone is still reading this pitiful blog, catch me up on your life! How are you?

5 thoughts on “On the Mend

  1. I am glad to hear you doing well. I am doing great. Thank you for keeping us updated. I hope that you continue to feel better, and start feeling more rested too. Have a lovely weekend.


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