Weigh-In Wednesday: Make It Rewarding

Last week’s weight: 175.2
This week’s weight: 173.6
LOSS of 1.6 pounds
Though it’s small, I am thrilled with this loss! I found it really hard not weighing every day, but it was definitely good for me, and it was nice in a way not knowing what to expect when I got on the scale. 

I was talking to Stephen Monday night after my ice cream binge about how I feel that I may as well have 50 pounds to lose, so daunted do I feel at the thought of losing only 20 pounds. I have been bouncing around the same weight range for so long that part of me is afraid I will never reach my goal and stay there. He suggested coming up with a reward system to help motivate me, and though he rejected my idea of a trip to SeaWorld as my ultimate reward, I did like his suggestion. 🙂 He also suggested that I set a specific time limit on my goal, and I decided that I would aim for my 32nd birthday, which is October 22. After deciding that, I realized that I only have to lose 4 pounds a month to reach that goal! Even though I have said many times how helpful it is to break weight loss goals into smaller chunks, I wasn’t doing that for myself. I’ve had this 20 pounds in my head for months and have felt so defeated by it, but 4 pounds? 4 pounds I can handle! So I came up with a list of rewards that I will get for each 4 pounds I lose until I reach my goal of 155. (When I came up with this list I hadn’t weighed in for this week, so I am using last week as my starting week.)

My Rewards:
4 pounds lost: $10 Amazon gift card so I can buy new workout songs
8 pounds lost: A new sports bra
12 pounds lost: The Zumba Wii game
16 pounds lost: A one hour massage
20 pounds lost: Goal reached! New purse and new clothes!
I’m really excited about this and think it will help me on days when I feel tempted to throw in the towel.  Only 2.4 pounds until my first reward!

3 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday: Make It Rewarding

  1. Good for you! I read somewhere the other day that you shouldn't be discouraged in striving for a goal because of the amount of time it will take, because the time will pass anyway. I've found for me (because I've gained a ton over the last few years, but have recently dropped 24), the loseit.com app has been really helpful. You might want to check it out 🙂 Cheering you on from New Orleans, cousin in law!


  2. Rewards definitely work for me. We're using a reward system to try to get out of debt. Historically, I've been less motivated in frugality than Tyson is (though we're both cheapskates, he puts me to shame with his frugality). When Tyson came up with the idea of taking a family cruise after we're debt-free, it made me a lot more motivated to save money and try to get out of debt! Congratulations on the loss!!!


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