April Goals in Review

Earlier this month, I set 5 goals for April. Then I proceeded to try to follow them without actually keeping track of my progress. Just so you know, I wouldn’t recommend this particular approach because then you reach the end of the month and realize that you can’t accurately report to your hundreds tens of followers how you did. Alas, that is precisely the approach I took. However, despite my lack of true goal tracking, I’ll give you a loose update on how I did with my goals.

1. Go to bed by 10 p.m. I know I stayed up past 10:00 every Friday in April, but I did make a concerted effort to go to bed earlier. Still, I’d guess I stayed up past 10 p.m. an average of about 2 times per week. It helped that I am so stinkin’ tired all the time, so I had extra motivation to go to bed earlier.

2.  Read Seeking God’s Face every day. Honestly, this is the one goal I thought I would do really well at, and I probably did the worst at keeping it! I don’t know how many days I missed, but it was at least 10 over the course of the month, which I’m not at all proud of. I am determined to do better at spending time with the Lord consistently. I have no excuse not to, and I need that time to keep me from getting all lost inside my crazy head.

3. Exercise 3 times a week.  I met this goal one week. I didn’t exercise at all last week, but I blame strep throat for that. I exercised twice a week the other two weeks.

4. No eating after 8 p.m. I did really well with this goal, except for on Friday nights, once again. Apparently I like to throw discipline out the window on Friday nights.

5. Blog 3 times a week. I did not do this every week, but I definitely blogged at least twice a week, which, sad to say, is good for me. After all, I only blogged 5 times TOTAL in both January and February!

All in all, it wasn’t an especially successful month, but I am glad that I set these goals, and it definitely helped me to have them in the back of my mind. Though I didn’t do a great job of tracking them, I did remember each of them, and I know I would have been even less disciplined had I not made them. I am planning to make more goals in May, so stay tuned!

How did you do with your goals in April?

One thought on “April Goals in Review

  1. I love your goal updates!! Reminds me to keep mine:) I went to the gym everyday except one for 3 weeks:)
    And have had no sweet tea for those weeks either which is a biggie:D keep pressing on sweet friend!!


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