Five Minute Friday: Cherished

I’m joining up with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Friday, and this week’s word is “cherished.” 
Here goes…
Dear Charlotte,

The other morning when I was getting ready for work, you came marching into my closet in that happy, clumsy way of yours, arms swinging and face alight with a smile. Then you picked up the scale that sits in my closet and set it carefully on the bathroom floor. Surprised, I watched to see what you would do, and to my amazement you stepped right on the scale, as you must have seen me do before (more times than I care to admit). You looked down at the scale, not sure what to expect, then smiled when the display showed a number–your weight.  You were delighted and clapped your hands with excitement.  I was struck by this sight: you with your precious grin that makes my heart squeeze tight with love, on the scale, instrument that I love to hate. I have felt many things while standing on that scale, but rarely has the scale made me smile, but you don’t know any of those feelings yet. To you, the scale is just a toy, something fun to play with. You have not yet experienced the agony that comes with seeing a number that is anything but smile-inducing. You have not yet experienced the hurt of an unkind word or mean glance.

Sweet daughter of mine, I pray that as you grow older and the world’s opinions of beauty start to creep in, you keep that smile on your face and know that you are cherished, loved by your mommy and loved by the Father.  

8 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Cherished

  1. I love this post! I pray every day that my daughter can avoid the trap of the numbers on the scale, the idol of her body, and that she can just see herself as a woman/girl loved and cherished by God. And good for our little ones for growing, right? Thanks for sharing, and thanks for stopping by from FMF.


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