Counting My Blessings

When I was in the hospital, I had a lot of time on my hands. One thing I did to keep myself occupied was make a list of the blessings I experienced. It helped me to focus on all the good things that God was doing through a difficult situation, and it was a tangible way for me to see how well He was taking care of me. I thought I would post the list here, especially since Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and I have so much for which to be thankful.

Blessings in the midst of a trial:

  • doctor ordering a retest for C diff and finding out I didn’t have it
  • getting flowers from my boss and my previous place of employment
  • visits from friends, family, and several ministers from my church
  • cable (especially HGTV!)
  • my Kindle Fire
  • free wifi
  • unlimited texting (I would have been in BIG trouble if not for this)
  • sweet nurses
  • getting Chic-fil-A sweet tea from one nurse
  • getting off IV fluids
  • getting IV out of left arm
  • taking a shower with both hands
  • my iPhone
  • eating real food and not just liquids
  • Popsicles and ice cream
  • sleeping pill
  • getting the right diagnosis
  • being able to walk around 
  • health insurance
  • slippers
  • getting blood drawn without pain (this one lab tech was AMAZING)
  • getting to watch my church’s service on TV
  • a pink robe
  • the YouVersion Bible app (I listened to a lot of Scripture read aloud using this app)
  • peace from the Lord
  • comfort and a lack of worry (this is HUGE for me-I am a chronic worrywart)
  • feeling hungry
  • getting to see Charlotte

The biggest blessings by far are definitely my parents, Stephen’s parents, and most of all, my husband. My parents live in Memphis and made the trip back and forth to Jackson more times than I can count. They kept Charlotte for three straight weekends to give Stephen a break, and my mom came up when Charlotte had her stitches and then waited with me in the emergency room, and she and my dad visited as often as they could. I truly don’t know what we would have done without them.

Stephen’s parents came down from Illinois last Wednesday and stayed until Sunday. They cleaned, they bought groceries, they cooked, they cared for Charlotte, and so much more. It was a tremendous help and comfort to me to have them here after I got home so I could try and get as much rest as possible. I feel so blessed to have such amazing in-laws.

And Stephen. I can’t even put into words how amazing he has been. He has been my rock and my support through all of this, never complaining. I think the bond that he and Charlotte have is even stronger now because he was essentially her primary caregiver for weeks, and she never has to doubt how much he loves her. I am forever grateful that God brought us together for such a time as this.

With all of these blessings, how can I have anything but joy in my heart?

May you find an abundance of blessings in your own life. Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “Counting My Blessings

  1. Oh my goodness! I just stumbled across your blog and read through all you've been through recently! How tough!! Hoping your Thanksgiving is good and you get to feeling much much much better!
    On a positive note, I'm excited to read more of your blog! I'll be following you!!


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