Visit with the Grandparents

Stephen and I  both took off work last Thursday and Friday so we could drive up to Illinois and spend the long weekend visiting his parents. His parents have been to see us several times this year, but the last time we went to see them was last Thanksgiving, so a visit was long overdue! We left on Wednesday night in the hopes that Charlotte would sleep the whole way there. Instead, she only slept 1 of the 4 hours we were in the car. Fortunately for all involved, she was delightful while she was awake, just giggling and smiling and chatting the whole time. It was really cute and fun.

I won’t bore you with a play-by-play of the weekend’s events but instead will share some pictures!

Checking out the entrance to the “maze,” which was actually just one rectangular path.

With Grandma and Grandpa

This was my attempt to get a picture taken with Char.

At least it’s easy to get a picture with Stephen. 🙂

This will totally be our Christmas card picture.

“Feed me!”


Fun at the buffet. Straws are awesome.
With Stephen’s grandmother, Charlotte (Charlotte’s namesake!)

This is the best pic we could get with both Charlottes.

Places to go, purses to carry.
Classic Char

 We had a great time on our trip. Charlotte slept past 7:30 pretty much every day, so we must have worn her out! It was such a nice, relaxing time, and I’m so glad we got to go. I’m looking forward to visiting again at Christmas.

How was your weekend?

2 thoughts on “Visit with the Grandparents

  1. Nowhere near as good as yours! It looks like you had such fun! It's nice to have lovely in-laws – I was blessed in that area as well. I am LOVING that last picture of Charlotte. SHE IS SO STINKING CUTE!!! I feel like I am seeing her personality come out more in pictures now. I also love her hair! I know you're probably just letting it grow, but it totally looks like a stylish cut. 🙂 And how special that she was named after Stephen's grandmother! That kind of makes me want to try family names…I can't imagine what an honor that would be…to have a child named after you. We decided against it with Milo because we didn't want either side of the family to be hurt if we chose names from one side but not the other, but I am loving the idea after seeing this post.


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