Weigh-in Wednesday

Last week: 173.6
This week: 174.6

Not gonna lie, initially I was more than a little bit miffed by this number. I feel like I did a good job of tracking my food and being careful with my choices. But as I started to really think about it and be honest with myself, I didn’t do an excellent job of making healthy choices.

The problem? The weekend.

I did really well all week long, and then by the time Saturday night rolled around and it was time for Stephen and I to go on a date by ourselves, sans baby, I wanted to celebrate! We had an amazing, delicious dinner at Outback. I relished every bite, but I don’t even want to know how many calories I consumed. Then there was lunch at Five Guys on Sunday, which I also thoroughly enjoyed but which was also most definitely not a low calorie meal.

This is not a new problem. I’ve always had the tendency to take the weekends off from being healthy, which of course makes no sense. I can’t take days off from life, so I shouldn’t take days off from living a healthy life! I also need to figure out a way to detach emotions and food. I eat when I’m happy, I eat when I’m sad. I eat when I’m stressed, I eat when I’m relaxed. But I don’t need food to fuel these emotions; I’m pretty good at feeling them on my own. 🙂

In short: lesson learned, weight gained. Moving on.

How was your week?

2 thoughts on “Weigh-in Wednesday

  1. Well, I've been doing the paleo/primal thing and I feel great. I'm almost done with a month of no sugar, grain or dairy. I have dropped one pant size – but the odd thing is – according to the scale, I have lost a single pound. Weird, right? Anyway, I have the same problem – the weekends. I seem to just lose my head and make excuses and “live a litte” and Monday comes and my pants are tight. le sigh. When will we learn, lol! ~ L


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