I Can’t Stay Away

So it hasn’t even been two months since I said, “See You Later,” and here I am. I’ve missed blogging, and writing in general. So, what’s happened since I last blogged?

1. Charlotte got ear tubes for the second time and also had her adenoids removed. She was a trooper through the whole thing. I was so proud of her. She has had no problems with her ears so far, and we are praying that the tubes stay in longer this time!

2. I’m almost 3 full months into a new job as office manager for a law firm. The attorney I previously worked for left the firm and opened his own practice, and he asked me to be the office manager! It’s been a wild and crazy adventure, and I love it.

3.  I took a break from running for about a month but started running again this week. It feels wonderful to run again. I have my eye on a couple of 5ks that I want to run, so I need to work on getting my fitness back.

4.  I gained 6 pounds. Fantastic, right? (end sarcasm) I will most definitely write more about this. I’ve given myself the needed kick in the pants and am heading in the right direction.

5.  I got an iPhone. It’s a work perk, and it rocks. I’m still learning how it works, though. (For example, I just figured out how to set an alarm LAST WEEK.) What’s your favorite iPhone tip/trick?

Of course a new post isn’t complete without pictures:

Finally, I’m thinking about moving over to WordPress. Assuming anyone still read this blog, would you all hate me if I did that? And please suggest a good url for my blog. I want something new!

5 thoughts on “I Can’t Stay Away

  1. I'll follow you wherever you go! I love “Musings of Mrs. Mount” – it fits your whole life and that's important. It's a little cutesy, but what about “Erin's Epistles”?


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