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I compose blog posts in my head all the time, and yet when I find the time to actually sit down and write, the words don’t come. There’s a lot on my mind that I can’t really discuss on the blog. I know that’s rather cryptic, but it will have to do for now. 🙂 Here’s just a bit of what else is going on:

1. I have made it halfway through my 30 day exercise challenge! I am loving the challenge and feel great about working out every day. I even am considering extending the challenge for another 30 days!

2. In two weeks Stephen and I are going on a vacation to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. We’re going to visit Chattanooga and Atlanta, and I am so excited to spend time with my hubs and to SLEEP IN. Stephen’s parents are keeping Charlotte for the 5 days we’ll be gone, and while I am grateful that they’re doing that, I am going to have a hard time leaving my baby for that long.

3. I managed not to take a SINGLE picture on Mother’s Day. Epic fail. Last Mother’s Day I took probably 100 pictures. Oh well!

4. On Mother’s Day I decided to run a 5k as fast as I could, and I set a PR for myself: 32:48! It’s my best time ever to run that distance, races included. I also ran my fastest mile ever in 10:31. Not fast for many runners, but it was hard for me! My goal is to eventually run a 10:00 mile, so I’m getting closer!

5. Speaking of 5ks, I registered to run my 4th 5k race this Saturday! I’m excited, as it’s my first 5k since Charlotte was born. So basically I ran a 4 miler and half marathon before a 5k. I like doing things backwards. 🙂

6. I’ve been to a Zumba class at the Y 3 times now, and each class has had about 10 people at the most, which kind of unnerved me at first, since most other Zumba classes I’ve been to have had at least 20 or 30 people. Once I got over the smallness of the class, though, I was able to have fun and shake my groove thang.

Happy Thursday, everyone! What’s new with you?

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  1. We live in Chattanooga! You will have a great time. You may be here during the Riverbend festival, so it will be incredibly busy. I recommend Rock City, a river gorge tour, and the aquarium, but I do believe the GA aquarium in Atlanta is better. If you have any questions, let me know!


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