Charlotte at 13 Months

Charlotte is at such a fun age and loves to go go GO during the day. Gone are the days of holding her in our arms for long periods of time; the only occasions she tolerates that are when she’s sleepy or not feeling well. She’s toddling around and getting faster. Soon we’ll have to start chasing her instead of slowly ambling along behind her as she explores every nook and cranny of the house. Her hair is getting longer and longer, and I think we’re going to have to get it cut soon, but the thought of cutting her beautiful locks makes me want to cry. Still, girl has some crazy hair first thing in the morning.  She’s also figured out how to remove ponytail holders and bows and clips from her hair, so all my attempts to tame the mane are in vain.

Charlotte’s had an eventful week. She came home from daycare on Friday with pinkeye, so we got antibiotic drops to put in her eyes 3 times a day for 7 days. Naturally, she screamed like a banshee when we tried to put the drops in, and it took both Stephen and I to administer the drops for the first few days. Now she doesn’t fuss hardly at all when we do it, and we’ll finish up the drops tomorrow. Her eyes cleared up after the first day, thank goodness, and it didn’t seem to faze her much.

However, the pinkeye wasn’t the allow event of the weekend. On Sunday while I was doing nursery duty at church, Stephen was at home watching Charlotte, and she fell and hit her head on a little tin cannister she liked to play with. She ended up with a rather large gash above her left eye, which necessitated a trip to the doctor. Fortunately, the doctor determined she didn’t need stitches, so he glued the wound shut, but all of this was not without many tears and screams of protest from our poor baby, who was scared and had no idea what was going on. The whole experience was incredibly traumatic for all of us, but Charlotte is on the mend, and her injury didn’t slow her down too much after spending the day with me at home on Monday.

Now Charlotte is back to her usual activities, which involve roaming about the house in search of items to play with that are NOT her toys. She enjoys typing out her thoughts on the keyboard with Daddy.

She loves going outside and walking around in the backyard, and she likes swinging in her swing and attempting to climb her slide.

She also loves examining the local flora and fauna: 

She’s also decided that she needs a bigger sippy cup. Ha.

She eats pretty well, although one day she’ll decide she doesn’t like a food and then the next day she’s changed her mind. She still sleeps like a champ at night, but naps are hit or miss. She’s wearing 12-18 month clothes right now and loves carrying around her shoes more than she likes wearing them. She chases after Bailey a lot and tries to give Bailey her toy, but Bailey is still not sure what to make of Charlotte.

Simply put, Charlotte is a delight and the treasure of our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte at 13 Months

  1. I bet you guys will have TONS of fun with her this summer! She's just at the age where she can really start doing a lot of fun kids' stuff! I feel like the summer after this one, Milo will finally be a little more “fun.” She's such a cutie.


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