One Year!

My sweet Charlotte is one year old! I can hardly believe what was once this:

has become this:

Is that not the sweetest picture?? I found a Groupon that offered a relatively inexpensive photo session with live ducklings, and I thought that was perfect for Charlotte’s 12 month pictures. She had a BLAST with those ducklings. I don’t think the ducklings felt the same, however, especially not the one that almost got its head yanked off by Charlotte’s overly enthusiastic hand. 🙂  She got down in the water and splashed and splashed (hence the wet shirt) and scared all the ducklings into the farthest corner of the little “pond,” but fortunately the photographer was able to get this picture of Charlotte’s trademark happy grin (the real version does not have the top of her head cropped off).

Big things are happening in Charlotte’s life right now. She’s WALKING! She started taking a few steps here and there last Monday or Tuesday, and now she can get across an entire room. She still has lots of stops and starts, but when she falls or almost falls, she gets up and starts going again, usually with a hugely proud grin on her face. It’s amazing to see how quickly she’s caught on and how much she has learned. A lot happens in the first year of a baby’s life! At this point she still prefers to crawl, but I think in a few weeks she’ll discover that walking is much more efficient and allows her to carry her toys around without resorting to the rather crippled-looking crawl she currently adopts when wanting to bring toys with her as she moves.


Charlotte has been pretty clingy with us of late, and while it can sometimes make getting ready in the morning difficult, I cherish this time because I know one day she’ll be a teenager who will probably roll her eyes at the mere sight of me. She especially loves being with her Daddy and lights up when she sees him. She loves to climb all over him and sit on his head. It’s quite the sight. She also loves to push her push toy and giggles when we act like we’re running away from her. She also giggles when we pretend to chase her, and she’s an all around delightfully easygoing and cheerful baby. She waves at almost anyone she sees, even if they don’t even see her, and she loves to watch people. She can clap and wave and blow a kiss, and she recently began pointing at things she wants to look at more closely. She’s a great mimic, which causes her Daddy to make goofy gestures that she then repeats.

She has gotten much more talkative, although her speech doesn’t resemble anything close to real words, with the exception of “uh oh” and “dada.” She says “mama” on VERY rare occasions, and never when I try to get her to say it (the stinker!).  Hearing her little voice chatter as I drive us home after work makes my day.

When it comes to food, she will eat virtually anything we give her. We’ve discovered that she signals to us that she is through eating a food when she starts casually throwing it on the floor. Our dog Bailey wishes she would do this more often. 🙂 She likes to have food to hold in both of her hands and will ask for more even while both hands are full. She has transitioned from bottles to sippy cups with relatively few problems, for which I am grateful since there was a time when I thought she’d never want to give up her beloved bottle. She can down a sippy cup of formula in mere minutes, and she also really enjoys drinking water. We don’t give her any juice, so I’m glad she seems to like water. I’m hoping that continues.

Charlotte Marie, I never could have imagined how you would change my life. You are a true blessing and an absolute joy. Stephen and I couldn’t love you more if we tried.

And no matter how old you are, you’ll always be my baby. I love you always.

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