Looking Back

It’s Charlotte’s birthday week! She turns one on March 4, so in honor of her birthday, I’ll be dedicating all of this week’s posts to her. To start things off, here’s one of the last pictures of me before Charlotte came, taken when I was 2 days shy of being 40 weeks pregnant:

Goodness, I hadn’t looked at that picture in a while! I forgot how BIG I had gotten. For most of my pregnancy, I got the “you don’t even look that pregnant” comment, which drove me crazy because I wanted to have a nice big belly. I’m pretty sure no one said I didn’t look that pregnant when I was 40 weeks. 🙂

The weeks leading up to Charlotte’s birth were so exciting and filled with anticipation. What would she look like? (Adorable.) When would she come? (3 days after her due date.) Would my water break in some awkward location? (No, thank goodness. My water actually never broke on its own.) Would I succeed in my plans to have a natural birth? (Yes!) What would breastfeeding be like? (Challenging and emotional. More on that later.) I wrote in a blog post almost exactly a year ago today: 

What has been hardest is not knowing when she will come.  Every day I wake up thinking, “Maybe today,” and at night when I go to bed, I think, “Will she come in the middle of the night?”  (Stephen has gotten in the habit of asking me when we wake up in the morning, “So your baby didn’t come last night?”  He’s such the comedian.)  Stephen and I are both so excited to meet this little one we’ve been dreaming about and planning for, and so the waiting is just about to drive me nuts!   

Fortunately, the wait didn’t last forever, and she did come. We had no idea of the journey that was before us, and that was probably a good thing. 🙂 

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