Best Run EVER

Saturday I was slated to run 7 miles again. About 2 miles into the run, I decided to make it 8.  I felt good, and when I realized that mile 3 was faster than my previous 2 miles by 30 seconds, I felt REALLY good. I enjoyed the weather (cloudy and upper 40s) and the scenery and the time to zone out. When it was all said and done, I was thrilled to see that my average pace was faster than my standard 12 min. mile. Here are my times for each mile: 

Mile 1:  12:02
Mile 2:  12:03
Mile 3:  11:33
Mile 4:  11:31
Mile 5:  11:21
Mile 6:  11:30
Mile 7:  11:11
Mile 8:  11:25

Did you see that mile 7?! I was ecstatic when I saw that time. I know by most runners’ standards, that pace is a snail’s pace, but I hardly EVER run that fast, and the fact that I ran that fast in my seventh mile is even better!  I finished that run feeling amazing. I can’t remember enjoying a run so much!

Take that, stupid scale! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Best Run EVER

  1. Erin, I have been cheering you on from a distance for a long time, but when this post popped up in my google reader today I felt like I needed to leave a comment and say – rock ON, sister!

    Keep it up – 2012 is your year.


  2. Wow! Go Erin! I am so impressed… I run about a 12-minute mile pace myself… but I can only stagger through about a mile and a half before I fall over! You're inspiring me 🙂


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