I Can’t Do It Anymore

I can’t blog about weight loss anymore. At least not for a while. I was sitting here writing a post and just hating every minute of it because I gained weight this week.  I didn’t want to write about it and so I was torturing myself, imagining what all of you would think when I posted a weight gain for the second week in the row and telling myself that I am a pathetic excuse for a weight loss blogger. The guilt that I feel about gaining weight was increased tenfold because I had to not only own up to it but also felt like I had to find some way to turn it into a blog post that people would want to read.

The thing is, blogging is my hobby, and if I hate my hobby, what’s the point of that? Also, that negative self talk in the last paragraph? It’s not good. So I’m taking a break from the writing but not from the weight loss. I’ll still blog about running or about Charlotte or whatever else strikes my fancy, but I need a break from being a weight loss blogger.

9 thoughts on “I Can’t Do It Anymore

  1. Good for you for giving yourself grace! I am sure that I've gained this week as well but I'm just scared to step on the scale 😦 I've been sick & I just eat horribly when I'm sick. But you are still an inspiration to me and you (and hopefully I) can do it!


  2. Dude, you still ran 7 miles. The weight loss is inconsequential next to that accomplishment! (And I read your blog because it's interesting, not for the weight updates. I like that you have lots of different things to focus on. The weight loss blogging community, in my opinion, sometimes borders on obsessive. Pictures of every meal? A recount of EVERY workout?)

    All that to say: Do what makes you happy!


  3. I think you made a good choice! I'll miss hearing about your weight loss, because you always kept it real. But I think you are wise to give yourself grace and a break.

    PS: Not to be pushy, but have you watch the documentary Fat Head? (on hulu or netflix) – It's about a guy who lost 12 pounds in one month eating nothing but fast food – like, burgers and sausage bisquits. It explains why so many of us get frustrated when we try to lose weight and all. I helped me SO much. Plus, it's a funny documentary and they say laughing burns calories!


  4. Casie, I definitely agree about the obsessive nature of the weight loss community, and I have found myself obsessed more often than I care to admit. I'm hoping this decision will give me more balance.


  5. I agree with all of the above! We all have rough weeks and I can totally commiserate with the unfun side of a weight loss blog when you're struggling to partake in the losing of weight. I encourage you to do what's right for you always but add with a hug that I appreciate knowing I'm not alone in the struggle. It's not always sunshine and lollipops!


  6. The first bit is a response to Spurlock's Super Size Me, but starting around 40min, he begins to explain why most diets don't work, the research history behind diet advice and how the FDA and CDC play a role in healthy eating. It's interesting and eye-opening and help me change how I approach weight loss and healthy eating. I know I sound like a commerical for it, but it's a very good starting point for when you get discouraged about weight loss.


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