February 2012: Week 1 Report

Even though I REALLY don’t want to post my weigh-in for this week, I’m going to. I keep it real here, yo. πŸ™‚

Weight on Feb. 1: 177.8
Weight on Feb. 8: 179
GAIN of 1.2 pounds

I may have ended January on a really high note, but I certainly didn’t start February well. Since last Wednesday, I have exercised a total of 2 times. The good news is that one of those workouts was a 6.2 mile run! I didn’t take any walk breaks, either. Here’s a post-run pic of me in all my proud, sweaty glory:

The run took me 74 minutes to do, but that is a typical pace for me, so I wasn’t surprised. I loved having my Garmin with me because it helped me keep a consistent pace and beeped whenever I completed a mile. It’s such an awesome tool!

The reason I didn’t get more workouts in is because I really slacked off on getting up at 5:30. I did wake up early enough to do my Bible reading every morning but one, but I definitely need to get out of the bed by 5:30 like I was in January if I’m going to get those workouts in. And part of the reason I had a harder time getting up early is because I didn’t do a good job of abiding by my 10:00 p.m. curfew, which made sleeping in all the more tempting. Discipline has such a domino effect. Slip up on one thing, and it causes you to slip up in other areas, too.

I’ve given myself a stern inner talking to, however, and I WILL post a loss for next week’s weigh-in, even if it’s half a pound!

4 thoughts on “February 2012: Week 1 Report

  1. Yay for post work out pics! Love it! And tell that scale that “It is difficult to win against an opponent that won't give up!” You're not going anywhere so he better thing twice before showing up with a 1.2 again! πŸ™‚


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