Charlotte at 11 Months

Charlotte turned 11 months old on Saturday! I of course refuse to fully accept this because that means that next month she will turn 1 year old. Nope, not happening. 🙂 This post will unfortunately be picture-less because 1) I am writing this at work on my lunch break and can’t access facebook (lame!) and 2) Charlotte hardly stays still long enough for me to get a decent picture. I have all but given up on the cute, posed pictures of her early days. Remember when she used to just demurely lie about on the pretty blanket and pose with Pooh Bear? Alas, those days are long gone, but I love this stage of life she is in. There’s not a day that goes by that we aren’t cracking up over something she’s said or done.

Charlotte is all over the place, exploring and eating dog food making new discoveries. Her hair is getting longer and longer, and I’ve started to put it in a ponytail almost every day because it keeps most of the hair out of her eyes. She often ignores most of her real toys in favor of  objects that are not toys (phone cords, paper, drawstrings on shirts and jackets, doorstops, etc.). She can walk if she’s using her little push toy and if we hold her hands, but she’s not walking on her own yet. She stood up unassisted for all of 3 seconds yesterday before toppling forward, so she’s getting braver and stronger every day.  She can crawl across a room in about 4 seconds flat and loves to find wherever Bailey is so she can pet her or steal her dog toys. She sleeps great at night, still going down around 6:30 and often sleeping until close to 7:00 (yesterday she even slept until 7:30). Her little voice is the cutest sound in the world, and she says “baba” and “dada” and “mama” but never in the appropriate contexts (not that I’m even sure what context is appropriate for “baba”) . She loves snuggling up to her daddy and follows him around the house, and she squeals and giggles when he tosses her in the air or wrestles with her on our bed. Nothing is too boring for her little fingers to investigate, which means we are constantly fishing inside her mouth to see what she’s found on the floor.

She’s recently started throwing tantrums if we take away something she was playing with or if we try to change her diaper. (I’m not sure what’s up with the diaper thing. She’s never been a fan of diaper or clothing changes, but lately she just cries and screams like we’re torturing her. Sometimes a toy will distract her, but other times she just tosses it aside. Any advice from other parents?)

I look at her every day and marvel at the how quickly she is growing. Seeing her face every day reminds me anew of God’s greatness and blessing on our life. I am so thankful for her and can’t wait to see the little lady she grows up to be!

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