January 2012: Week 3 Report

Last week’s weight: 180.6
This week’s weight: 180.4
Total loss: .2 pounds
Total lost in January : 3.8 pounds

Can I just say that I am REALLY ready to say goodbye to the 180s?? Do you know how long I’ve been in the 180s? Since August. That’s five months, friends, and that’s enough!  I WILL end this month under 180 pounds!

What went well this week:

1. Time with God. I had good time with the Lord every day this past week, and that is HUGE. Even if other things didn’t go as planned, I made sure that I spent time reading God’s Word.

2. Exercise. I got in 182 minutes of exercise this past week, including a 4 mile run on Saturday. I felt GREAT after completing that run, since it was the first time since my 4 mile race that I have run that distance. I plan to run 5 miles this weekend, which will be my longest post-pregnancy run.

What went badly this week:
1.  Tracking. I did track every day but Saturday, but there were a few days that I did not track all of my meals, and I know that it was more than likely intentional on my part because I knew inputting those calories would show that I ate above my allotted range. Of course that line of thinking is stupid because I still went over my calories whether or not the numbers showed it, so I just need to stop trying to lie to myself.

2.  Weekend munchies.  Weekend eating=age-old problem I still haven’t conquered. I tend to be lazier about tracking and therefore less stringent about nutrition, which means I eat things that aren’t the best choices and then wonder why I don’t lose any weight. I can exercise all I want, but if I’m not putting good things into my body, it’s a waste.

If I were giving myself a grade for the past week, I’d give myself a C. This week will be better!

4 thoughts on “January 2012: Week 3 Report

  1. Ugh…what is up with the weekends? I am the same way. In all the years I have dieted I don't think I have ever gone 7 days in row of eating well. There is always a weekend day or two that I just blow it. Why?


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