Charlotte at 9 Months

Is my baby really 3/4 of a year old?? Say it ain’t so! When I look back at what Charlotte was up to just three months ago, I am amazed at how much babies learn in a short amount of time. At 6 months, Charlotte had just learned to sit unsupported. Now at 9 months, Charlotte:

  • Crawls all over the place and can be quite fast. This development happened over Thanksgiving break. Before then she was mostly still army crawling with the occasional slow crawl thrown in. Then all of a sudden, she was on all fours and moving everywhere!
  • Can pull herself up. She discovered this fun trick the weekend before Thanksgiving, and now she tries to pull up on anything she can put her hands on, including my pants legs and her toy bin and even the little reindeer I have in front of the Christmas tree. She’s obviously still a bit unsteady on her feet, which has resulted in some tumbles. She usually recovers pretty quickly, however.   

  • Can cruise while holding onto something, like the couch or her crib rails. 

  • Has 4 teeth, and I just love her toothy grin! I think she must be working on some more because the drool is simply out of control.
  • Squeals with delight whenever she gets near Bailey. Bailey just runs away. Char also gets super excited when she sees us, and now that she can crawl, she’ll speed up to get to us.
  • Loves to eat pretty much whatever we give her.
  • Is eating some food that is not pureed, like bread and puffs and Cheerios and the occasional pieces of fruit or veggies that we happen to be eating. She even had a bit of turkey on Thanksgiving! It’s so fun to watch her little mouth figure out how to eat these foods that don’t just slide right down.
  • Loves to clap and wave. Sometimes when we say hi, she claps instead of waves.
  • Takes a bath without a baby bathtub. 

  • Goes to bed around 6:30 and sleeps until 6 or 6:30 (or 7 if we’re really lucky). She is great about going to sleep without a fight at night.  
  • Is an unpredictable napper. Some days she’ll have one short nap in the morning and then a two hour nap in the afternoon, other days she’ll have 45-minute naps in the morning and afternoon, and other days she hardly naps at all.  She’s never been a very reliable napper, and while she has improved considerably, I think she’d just prefer to be awake and not miss anything.

She has her 9 month checkup tomorrow, so I’ll update with her stats then. I’m sure she weighs at least 20 pounds!  Here are some pictures I took yesterday to commemorate her 9 months of life!

And coming soon to the blog: the story of how this hole appeared in our bathroom. It’s quite a story, let me tell ya.

One thought on “Charlotte at 9 Months

  1. So glad you all are well now. Charlotte is PRECIOUS. Thank you for the pics! Mark was an unpredictable napper till about 12-13 months. Then daycare got him on a GLORIOUS nap schedule–1 a day for 2 hours… which we could also continue on weekends. FABULOUS! Maybe it's coming for Charlotte too. Love, love her dress.


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