Making Memories

Saturday marked another first for Charlotte: her first trip to the park! First Stephen and I took her for a stroller ride around the park’s loop and then introduced her to my favorite thing about parks: the swings! And boy oh boy was she a fan! She was a little nervous at first:

But she quickly realized that swinging is a BLAST. 

It was so fun to watch her have fun. She just smiled and giggled and squealed with delight and stole my heart all over again. We also let her explore some of the playground equipment:


and Stephen took her down the slide: 


She was slightly underwhelmed by that experience, but I think it’s because the slide wasn’t straight and therefore it was hard to get any kind of momentum as Stephen slid down. The trip to the park was definitely a success, and we’ll have to take her back when we have another beautiful, sunny Saturday!

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