Friday Five: Things I’m Celebrating

 (I realize I haven’t done a Friday Five in approximately 1.5 years or some such ridiculous time span, but it’s never too late to begin again!)

1. I’m wearing pants I haven’t worn since being pregnant.

2. I’m at 183.2 pounds.

3. My baby girl has 2 more teeth, making the total teeth count 4. She currently has 1 on top and 3 on the bottom, and I hope she gets another on top soon so she won’t look goofy. Not that she could ever look goofy because obviously she is the cutest thing ever. Here she is attempting to leap off the recliner. (No worries, Stephen was holding her).

4. It’s payday.  As Stephen said this morning, “Payday is yay day.” 🙂

5. It’s almost Thanksgiving, which means time with Stephen’s family in Illinois and time off work!

What are you celebrating?

Tell me your thoughts! I'd love to read them.

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