Charlotte at 8 Months

Charlotte turned 8 months old on Friday! I just took her 8 month pictures on Sunday, and it is getting trickier and trickier to 1) keep her still long enough for a photo and 2) keep her from eating the photo props. I gave up on the blocks altogether because she just kept lunging at them and trying to devour them, and while it was completely hilarious and adorable, it didn’t make for cute pictures. I even went with 2 different outfits this time, in the hopes that I would get at least one PERFECT shot out of the bunch. The ones I like best aren’t perfect, but they’re still pretty adorable because my girl? She’s got cuteness in spades. See?

At 8 months, Charlotte:

1. Is *so close* to crawling. She army crawls like a pro, and she spends a good bit of time on all fours, rocking back and forth.

2. Can stand up if holding onto something else. To get photographic proof, I stuck her in the empty diaper box:

She had great fun standing in there. Her open mouth smile is my favorite.

3. Gets tickled every time she looks in a mirror. She will spend many minutes in front of one, giggling or babbling to herself. She even has banged her head against the mirror in her attempts to get super close to her mirror image.

4. Has learned to clap. She finds great amusement in doing this multiple times a day and can do it on command if we mimic the movement. It’s what she’s doing in the following picture:

And a more composed version:

5. Is becoming more attached to certain toys. Sometimes she gets upset when we take certain toys away, although she soon moves on to something else.

6. Giggles and grins when we play peekaboo.

7.  Loves to be held upside down by her daddy.

8.  Loves to take a bath. She can be in a terrible mood, but put her in a bath and she’s a new girl. She will splash and gum her bath toys and have a merry time in her infant tub. It’s so fun.

9. Eats like a champ. I have thus far made all of her baby food and hope to continue doing so.

10. Is working on mastering the sippy cup. She is able to get some liquid out, but I think at this point she prefers to simply chew on the handle and spout.

11. Can pick up little Gerber puffs with her fingers. She even manages to get some in her mouth every now and then!

12. Bears a striking resemblance to Jackie O:

I am not sure exactly what she weighs, but she definitely weighs at least 20 pounds, since she was 19-something when we took her to the doctor a few weeks back. She is scheduled to get tubes in her ears on November 15, about which I am both sad and relieved. She had 3 ear infections in the span of 4 months, and one lasted the entire month and required 4 different rounds of antibiotics. I am dreading the actual procedure because she has to have anesthesia, but I’ve heard from so many people what a difference it made for their children, so I’m hopeful it will help Charlotte and allow her to have a healthy and happy winter. I really can’t believe I have an 8-month-old. It will be time for her first birthday before I know it!

3 thoughts on “Charlotte at 8 Months

  1. she is so cute!! it must be fun having her so active, zuzu has been getting more alert the past week and its been a lot of fun for us to see her smile and play. i'll definitely be hitting you up for babyfood making pointers, i'm hoping to do that whenever she switches to solids!


  2. Do you use a Baby Bullet? I really want one, but they're a little bit out of my price range. I was wondering if you could just use a blender, but I was worried I wouldn't get the food pureed enough. Also, is it a big cost savings? I'm trying to figure out if it's worth it when Milo switches. So many questions. 😛 Sorry about that. I'm still in the feeling overwhelmed/survival mode, so I probably shouldn't even be asking you yet, but since you mentioned it, I thought I'd ask before I forgot. =)


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