Giving It Up

I have had variations of this post written in my head for the better part of a week, and it’s time for me to just let it out.

I have decided to abstain from sweets until January 1. Yes, I realize that means I am not going to eat sweets during the holiday season, when there is more opportunity to eat delicious treats than at any other time during the year (except for maybe Valentine’s Day). Have I gone insane?

No. I’m just desperate. Desperate to lose this weight that has been hanging around for far too long. Desperate to see the power that food has over me diminish. Desperate to stop obsessing over food. Desperate to enjoy the holidays without feeling guilt every time I eat too much pie or have too many cookies. So the easiest solution was to remove the biggest stumbling block to my weight loss: sweets.

I have always had a sweet tooth, and I indulged it far too often while I was pregnant and then did a rather poor job of controlling it after Charlotte arrived. I have wanted to restrict my sweets intake for a while but then felt like there was no way I could do and that I’d be crazy if I tried. So I continued eating them and then wondered why I wasn’t losing weight any faster.

The truth is, I can live without sweets. I can even be happy without sweets. But I cannot live a life that is not pleasing to the Lord, and my gluttony and my all-consuming love of food, specifically sweets, does not please Him.I cannot have joy without Him. So the sweets must go.

I don’t know yet if I will stick with this plan after January 1 comes, but I’ve given myself that date as a date to reevaluate my progress and see what I need to do. I don’t plan on eliminating desserts for the rest of my life, but it has become necessary for such a time as this.

And it’s hard. The first three days, I thought about desserts constantly and was tempted many times to just throw in the towel. But when I feel weak, I repeat to myself, “I am made for more than this” and then quote Psalm 16:11, part of which says, “In Your presence there is fullness of joy.” In Christ there is fullness of joy. I will not find fullness of joy in a bowl of ice cream or inside a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, so it’s time I stop looking for it in those places.

4 thoughts on “Giving It Up

  1. i struggle with eating too many sweets too, desserts are my downfall!!! i think that this is an amazing challenge–especially during the holidays–i don't know if i could do it but maybe i should consider giving it a try too!


  2. You are a brave woman! No sweets at all?!?! Especially during the holidays. There is NO WAY I could do that, I would have to have at least one cheat day a week.

    Sweets are totally my downfall too. There have been days(many) where more than 1/2 of my calories come from sweets, that is so horrible!


  3. (((HUGS)) Erin. I think this is a brave goal. I just want to make sure you are being gentle with yourself. You aren't a failure b/c you eat too many sweets (like 99% of the population). You are valuable, have infinite worth to God, and are an incredible mom, wife, and friend. Remember that despite anything the scale may say. God understands your struggle and wants to lighten your burden. Remember that Paul kept begging for God to take away the “thorn.” We don't know what it was but we know he struggled with it his whole life. I just don't want you to be too hard on yourself. And I wonder if moderation after a time might be helpful? (Maybe a dessert a week, or something like that? Given you'll probably have to be really good about not having stuff in the house… that's my solution usually…) I think either extreme: all or nothing might not be that healthy or reasonable. But I will support you in whatever you want to do for you.

    Just remember, regardless of what the scale says, YOU ARE WORTH IT and you have INFINITE value to us and to our heavenly Father.

    Love! Love!


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