So Long, Farewell…

Today is my final day in my 20s! I am getting my hair cut (pictures will be posted, obviously), and I am also getting my license renewed (in person, so I can get a new picture). Tonight we will be in Memphis with my parents, grandparents, brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and niece and will have a celebratory dinner and dessert (carrot cake-my favorite).  It’s gonna be a great day that caps off an already-great week of vacation. Thus far this week I have:

  • been to two malls 
  • seen two movies (Contagion and Dolphin Tale-my tastes, they are diverse)
  • purchased one new pair of khakis
  • purchased a new perfume (Oh Lola! by Marc Jacobs)
  • eaten lots of yummy fudge
  • explored City Museum (the most awesome place EVER.  Also, funny story: we took the MetroLink to Union Station on Tuesday and then decided to walk to City Museum because it didn’t look like it was too far away. It was cold and also drizzling a bit, but we toughed it out, only to arrive and find out the museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays in the winter. At least we walked 1.2 miles more than we would have that day!)
  • run/walked on a treadmill at our hotel‘s fitness center
  • had delicious ribs at the hotel restaurant
  • saw lots of interesting and beautiful and sometimes strange art at St. Louis Art Museum (I love the museum’s url, by the way)
  • slept for 10 hours straight one night (I could definitely get used to that. Not that it’s remotely within the realm of possibility for my day-to-day life.) 
  • read Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close-loved! (Pretty sure it was about $4 more than its current price when I purchased it. Lame.)
  • read Fools Rush In-meh. (It was a free Kindle book.)

So long, 20s! It’s been real.

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