No Turning Back

In approximately 22 days, I’m going to turn 30. I know what you’re all thinking: “No way is Erin almost 30! She’s gotta be only 25 or so!” That IS what you were thinking, right? I thought so. 🙂

Anyway, I am not really at all depressed about turning 30. In fact, I’m kind of excited. It’s a whole new decade, a whole new phase of life. I thoroughly enjoyed my twenties, so why shouldn’t my thirties be the same? Plus, I’m going into my 30th year probably in better health than I was when I turned 20! I decided that I needed to celebrate this milestone in some special way, but I wasn’t sure what to do. Stephen and I are going on a little trip to St. Louis, but we’ll be back before my actual birthday, and I still wanted to do something to mark the day I turn 30.

Finally I figured out what that “something” will be. I signed up for a 4 mile race! This race, to be precise. I considered doing a 5k but then saw this race and thought I would challenge myself even more and go for the 4 mile distance! I’ve never run in a 4 miler before, and I don’t even think there are that many races offered in that distance, so I’m seizing the opportunity. I registered today so there’s no turning back! I can’t change my mind. I may finish dead last (which is looking like a real possibility at the moment, with only 7 people registered), but I am going to finish and be PROUD.

Look out, 30, I’m coming for you!

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