Link Love

I thought I’d start posting links to blog posts or websites that I happen to be enjoying during the week, in case something I see might interest any of my readers. I can’t promise I’ll do this with any regular frequency, but that’s kind of the theme of my blog lately: all kinds of nothing with unpredictable patterns of frequency. 🙂  And while we’re on the subject of the theme of my blog, a big thank you to all of you who commented on my last post. I have such smart, encouraging readers! I was especially encouraged by something Andrea said in her comment: ” But maybe you don’t even have to write for others… you can just do it for yourself.” This is it, exactly! If this blog stops becoming something I enjoy and something I write for myself, then what’s the point?

Anyway, on to the links!

1. Stephen and I watched a documentary called 180 the other night and were really intrigued and moved by it. The documentary is done by Ray Comfort, a theologian, and his approach to abortion and the way he dialogues with those he encounters in the film is really provocative. It’s about 30 minutes long and well worth your time.  Click here to see it.

2. I loved this fun tutorial from Kayla on creating fun rosette and ribbon designs on basic onesies! It’s just too bad I can’t sew and therefore will continue to dress Charlotte in all store-bought, unoriginal clothing. And Kayla’s blog is one of my favorite mom blogs, so check it out!

3. I also thought this tutorial on making a fall wreath was super fun. For a moment I too believed that I could create a craft. But then reality set in. I did not inherit the crafty gene, people.

4. Gypsy Mama’s most recent post about how she wants to be known by her kids blew me away. I love reading her thoughts on motherhood.

5.  Jen’s entry about entitlement eating set off all kinds of bells in my head because I do this ALL. THE. TIME. It’s ridiculous. I’m sure no one else can relate to eating a donut after going for a run, though, right? I thought so. 🙂

6. And if anyone is looking for something to buy me for Christmas, I would love one of these. I mean seriously, how awesome is that?

Hopefully you saw something you liked in the links! Leave me a comment and tell me some of your favorite links from this week.

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