So I kind of don’t know what to do with this blog. I’m having a blog identity crisis, I guess. I don’t really feel much like writing about weight loss since I’m not weighing very frequently and even when I do, I’m not having dramatic losses. It’s kind of hard to have a “weight loss blog” without the weight loss, don’t you think? I also am struggling with the fact that in January, I will have been blogging about losing weight for four years. Is that inspiring? I mean, who wants to read about a woman who’s been trying to lose weight for the better part of FOUR YEARS and still hasn’t reached her goal? I’m pretty sure that timeline of progress is not going to get me on a talk show anytime soon, unless the topic is slowest losers.

The other thing I blog about most is Charlotte, and while I of course love posts about Charlotte, I’m not foolish enough to think everyone else is completely enamored with my daughter. I worry about posting too much about her and boring everyone (although let’s face it, she’s the cutest thing on the face of the earth, and no, I’m not biased).

So where does this leave me?

I have no idea.

What does everyone think?

6 thoughts on “Stuck

  1. I'd love to hear about Charlotte. 🙂 My blog is pretty baby-centric, but I do try to include a sprinkling of other things, too. I'm all about mom blogs right now, so it doesn't bother me if you want to talk all about your sweet girl!


  2. I understand…I always end up having that problem with blogging, too. I never know what “theme” to go with. I'd enjoy reading about whatever is on your mind…and I agree with the above commenter…I like reading mom blogs so if you want to write about Charlotte, go for it!


  3. I can totally relate. After having Troy, life changed – I didn't ave funny random work stories to report, I wasn't going to the gym as much, and my days literally revolve around him. I obviously don't post as much, but I find that it's my blog and I can post what I want and my readers will love me no matter what 🙂 Seriously girl, my posts are so random at times. And who cares if you keep posting about the weight loss – it's something your working on and it does take time, and I think people can relate to that. and Char is SO cute!


  4. I love hearing about a woman who's been trying to lose weight for four years. Because that's about as long as my journey. I like to have a buddy. Charlotte's pretty cute, but not the reason I come. 🙂


  5. I think you can write about whatever you want to! I'll read, and know others will too. But maybe you don't even have to write for others… you can just do it for yourself.

    Honey, I think there are many, many people out there that struggle with weight their entire lives. I struggle with it too–especially now that I'm not pregnant and breastfeeding. There was some relief in knowing that I could only do so much when I was sustaining another human being.

    Don't feel discouraged by the length of your journey. Maybe you can reframe this in your mind from losing weight to being healthy and happy, and also tie your faith into all that. This blog is about Erin's life! All the ups and downs, all the news about Charlote, your job, running, whatever you want to write about.

    You are loved and appreciated just the way you are for exactly who you are…


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