Life Lately

Charlotte is growing and changing SO much. She’s started sleeping through the night for about 12 hour stretches (Praise the Lord!), and she’s so happy to see us in the morning. She is rolling all around and has discovered that being on her belly is not the torture she previously acted like it was. She even (gasp!) sleeps on her belly now. She also randomly gets stuck underneath our bed when she rolls all about the bedroom, haha.

She recently tried sweet potatoes for the first time, and we got the moment on video. It’s pretty hilarious.

She didn’t like them, and she still doesn’t really love them. She does seem to like carrots okay, and next is butternut squash.

I’ve also introduced her to the sippy cup, with mixed results. She loves to hold it and bang it on her high chair (who wouldn’t love that), and she loves to put it in her mouth (as she does with everything), but she hasn’t quite figured out how to get the liquid out of it.

She’s even begun to have tea parties:

And she still falls asleep sometimes while eating: 
I could not love that little face more.  Life lately? It’s glorious.

5 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. Yay Erin. Charlotte is precious. We tried taking the valve out of the sippy cup so that Mark would know what it was about. It still took him some time to get the hang of it. But we tried it every once in awhile. Mark ended up wanting a softer spout. We have the ones Charlotte has in the picture, but the spout was too hard. We switched to the gerber ones that are more like a bottle nipple. Then eventually after he got the hang of the cup, we could use the playtex ones as well. Why are sippy cups so darned expensive? : )

    So glad you are enjoying her so much! Thanks for your comments on my blog too!


  2. Love the video! Don't you love their expressions while eating? I can't imagine what they're thinking. They've been watching us eat all this time and finally get to see what all the fuss is about.

    She's adorable. And I'm so jealous about the 12 hours.


  3. So glad she's sleeping on her belly and through the night. I knew she'd get there, it just takes some getting used to for all parties.
    Sounds like it's all good times. Babies are exciting!!


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